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HS4200(Productive CNC4 Spindle Lathe)
4-Spindle + 2NC slide/4-Spindle + Twin Turret HS4200 closeup


This 4-spindle 2 NC lathe was acquired from Kitako Corporation,
a division of Kitagawa Iron Works, in 2011.


Range Max.turning diameter φ200mm(7.8")
Spindle No. of spindle 4
Chuck size 8"
Spindle motor 11/15kw(15/20HP)×2
Spindle R.P.M 45-4500min-1
Tool Turret Tool turret 8 Tools or Gang type×2
X-axis travel 160mm(6.3")
Z-axis travel 250mm(9.8")
Rapid feed rate 24m/min
Weight and Dimentions Floor space 2400(94.5")×3220(127")
Weight 7500kg(16600lb)(with Loader)
2SI-6/8 2SI-10 HS4200 VT4-350 ISM B6 SERIES B6 SERIES CN660 CN660-DSP SC-6E SS-8