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CN660(CNC-Multi spindle machine Chucker Type)
6-Spindle Automatic Lathe/High Productivity/A remarkably evolved tooling capability


In 1986, a CNC Multispindle automatic lathe ( Multi-spindle screw machine with CNC slide ) was developed by us ( SHIMADA MACHINERY )for the first time in the world.



Function Item No NC Slide 1 NC Slide 2 NC Slides 3NC Slides
Turning Capability Chucking diameter φ60(φ2.36") or 5 inch chuck
Max. turning length 200mm(7.8")
Spindle No. of spindles 6
Max. spindle RPM 3000min-1
Motor Select from 5.5 kw, 7.5 kw, or 11 kw
End Tool Slide Tool diameter φ55mm(φ2.16)
Drive system Camless oil pressure (optional: NC drive)
Stroke 200mm(7.8")
NC Slide Number of axes   Two axes Four axes Six axes
X-axis stroke 120mm 120mm/70mm 120mm/70mm/50mm
Z-axis stroke 120mm 120mm/60mm 120mm/60mm/50mm
X-axis rapid feed speed 15m/min
Z-axis rapid feed speed 15m/min
Machine Size Machine height 1800mm(70.9")
Floor space 2300×2000mm 2300×2300mm
Machine weight 3500kg
2SI-6/8 2SI-10 HS4200 VT4-350 ISM B6 SERIES B6 SERIES CN660 CN660-DSP SC-6E SS-8