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2SI-6/8 (The accuracy of spindle drum indexing repetability is ±1um.)
2-Spindle 1NC Lathe/A new powerful machine/The shortest idle time industry-wide


The 2SI models uniquely connect two spindles, one turret and a Fanuc controller into a highly productive machine tool package. This 2-Spindle 1NC Lathe was developed from the architecture of "reducing idle time to the utmost limit."

The 2SI is optimal for the following types of work:
The 2SI resolves two types of waste.
  1. Time of waste for Loading / Unloading
    For example, even if the actual turning time is 12 seconds, if the non-turning time for such things as loading/unloading is 9 seconds, the cycle time will be 21 seconds. In this example, 9 seconds amounts to 42% of the cycle time, with the spindle not doing anything. The SHIMADA 2SI-6/8 reduces the non-turning time to two seconds by conducting loading/unloading on one spindle while the other one is machining.
    • Production Efficiency Comparison Chart
    • Idle Time Comparison
  2. Time of waste from tact difference between 1st and 2nd process
    First Process
    Actual Machining time 7 seconds + Idle time 2 seconds = 9 seconds
    Second Process
    Actual Machining time 16 seconds + Idle time 2 seconds = 18 seconds

    Total of Processes 1st + 2nd   27 seconds

2-Spindle NC Lathe   2SI-6 Type
Total of Processes 1+2 Cycle Time   27.0 seconds

First process Cycle time = 9.0 seconds (7+2 seconds)
Second Process Cycle Time = 18.0 seconds (16+2 seconds)
  SHIMADA 2SI-6 Different Company Standard Single Spindle Lathe
First Process 9.0 sec. 16.0 sec. (Machining 7 sec. Loader 9 sec.)
Second Process 18.0 sec. 25.0 sec. (Machining 16 sec. Loader 9 sec.)
First Process + Second Process 27.0 sec. 41.0 sec. (Machining 23 sec. Loader 18 sec.)

Productivity 52% up

The machining time for the first process is short. In a nutshell, when machining by using a single spindle lathe, tasks need a short cycle time and a long loading time. The characteristics of the SHIMADA 2SI match up well with these conditions.

As a result, machine productivity is increased by 78% through the introduction of the SHIMADA 2SI.

The machining time of the second process is longer than the first; however, machine productivity is increased by 39%.

The total increase in machine productivity for the first and second processes is 52%. How about when using a 2-Spindle 2NC Lathe instead of a single spindle lathe?

Since there is a large difference between the first and second processes, the spindle on the first process side finishes processing first, stops rotating the spindle, and sits idle until the second process finishes.

We hope that the above information demonstrates to you that the SHIMADA 2SI Series reduces waste to the greatest extent possible, and that these are machines with which you can unquestionably generate profit.


    2SI-6 2SI-8
Range Max.turning diameter 180mm(7.0") 210mm(8.2")
Max.turning length 120(4.7")
Spindle No. of spindle 2
Chuck size 6" 8"
Spindle motor 7.5/5.5KW(10/7.5HP)
Spindle R.P.M 50-5000 35-3500
Tool Turret No. of tool stations 8 or 12 or Chaser type
Max. No. of power tool 6 tools
Tool spindle R.P.M 200-5000
N.C. Slide X-axis travel 120mm(4.7")
Z-axis travel 170mm(6.7")
Rapid feed rate 15m/min(600"/min)
Weight and Dimentions Floor to spindle center 960mm(37.8")
Floor space 1900(74.8")×1600(63")
Weight 3600kg(8000lb) 3800kg(8400lb)
2SI-6/8 2SI-10 HS4200 VT4-350 ISM B6 SERIES B6 SERIES CN660 CN660-DSP SC-6E SS-8