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Four spindle 2NC

Available in both horizontal and vertical models, and with more than 1,200 machines in service worldwide, the drawings, tooling, expertise, and manufacturing rights to the ultra-high production CNC lathes were acquired from Kitako Corporation, a division of Kitagawa Iron Works, in 2011.

About 4 Spindle 2NC Lathe

Part loading/unloading time can literally become to ZERO.
This type of machine has 4 spindle + 2 CNC slides. (2 spindles are simultaneously machining while the other 2 spindles are being loaded / unloaded).
After finishing both operations, the spindle drum indexes 180?.
*The actual idle time( machine down time ) is only carrier indexing time.
( HS4200:almost 1.5 seconds. VT4-350:almost 5 seconds. )

Characteristics of 4 Spindle 2NC Lathe

  1. Maximizing productivity in a minimal footprint, one machine can simultaneously handle 4 different tasks.
    1. Turning the first operation
    2. Flipping the part
    3. Turning the seconds operation
    4. Part loading and unloading
  2. The minimal idle time.
    Different from general single spindle NC lathe or 2 Spindle 2NC turret NC lathe, this 4 spindle machine can take longer time for non-machining operations(loading, un-loading, air-blow, etc.) without extra time. This characteristic is same as SHIMADA 2SI machine’s one.
  3. The loading station is outside of the machine, separated from machining area by a cover. Our design affords not only a safe ergonomic work environment, but also flexible system layout to meet customer’s needs.

Suitable works for 4 Spindle 2NC Lathe

A1: In case that loading time is longer than machining time. The typical condition is loading time and long loading time are same.
Machining = 40sec. Loading = 40sec
Machining = 10sec. Loading = 10sec.

A2: In case that there is big machining time gap between OP1(front-side) and OP2(back-side) machining
OP1 = 25sec. OP2 = 10sec.

A3: In case of long chucking time, such as big size, long shaft, irregular shape parts
Especially, VT4-350 is the best solution for big size parts with long
loading time.

A4: High accurate and mass production parts

Various machining methods


Front and back side operation
Front and back side operation Sample movie


Twin single operation
Twin single operation Sample movie


Twin front and back side operation with two 180 degree carrier indexes.
Twin front and back side operation with two 180 degree carrier indexes. Sample movie

Structure of 4 Spindle 2NC Lathe

A large diameter precision curvic coupling is mounted on the spindle’s magazine-drum and provide hand-scraped for all slides as same as SHIMADA "2SI series"